Nottinghamshire offers many beautiful walks of varying degrees of difficulty to suit all manner of breed and age of dog.


I am a firm believer in socialisation throughout a dog's life, not just when they are puppies!


However, I also appreciate that there are a great many dogs (and humans!) who do not feel comfortable in the company of others. I cater for everyone and offer the option of both fun, social walks or solitary strolls in a safe space.

Some of our more frequented walks and what they have to offer are detailed on this page.

NB: I am happy to take dogs on their own favourite walks - wherever they may be - and am always keen to learn new routes!

Please feel free to let me know if yours is not included here. This is most definitely not an exhaustive list!


Beautiful hall grounds where well-behaved dogs can run free and socialise in vast, open spaces. A popular haunt of dog walkers for very good reason! Dogs can enjoy a splash in the river, chases through fields and sedate woodland ambles.


Perfect for youngsters needing lots of stimulation and nice, even ground for those older ladies and gents too.


Distance varies according to the individual's needs.


(NB. ALL dogs are lead walked near sheep/livestock at ALL TIMES. I take this very seriously and there is never any exception. It is not just morally right, it is also a legal requirement to do so. Please see my                                         page for more info).

*The header photo is of my own dogs and a friend's cows. Both dogs and cows were more than used to each other and happy in each other's company. I do not condone or recommend inexperienced dog owner's attempting to befriend herds with their own dogs!*


An easy, linear walk, offering lots of sensory stimulation for all ages of dog.


Well-used by dog walkers, pedestrians and cyclists, this is an ideal route for curious noses and social interactions.


The route also allows for deviation from the path in certain areas and (livestock permitting!) some off-lead exploration too.


A beautiful circular trail running alongside fields and streams then up through meadows and out onto the lane again.


Not ideal for older dogs as the inclines can be hard going, there are also a few stiles to get negotiate.


A stimulating and lengthy walk with rare interactions which may suit those that prefer the quieter life.

Opportunities for both lead and off-lead exercise.


A really lovely wood that seems to ramble on forever!


Loads of walks to choose from - some quiet and uninterrupted, others more popular with lots of possible social interactions for all ages.


Brilliant for both older and younger pups as there's so much to choose from!


A firm favourite with my hounds.


A short, circular walk following the stream behind the mill in the village of Kirklington.


The path leads into fields which - depending on the time of year - can allow for a mad five minutes chasing around in the stubble! Lots of safe space for ball throwing and opportunities for splashing in the water too!


Mostly lead-walked due to nearby roads and crops, but allows for a short(ish), quiet stroll for those that enjoy their own company.


If one circuit if not enough, we cross over the road and continue through yet more farmland and wooded areas.


There are slight inclines but the walk is still manageable for those older pups.


A lovely woodland with a choice of a variety of circular routes ranging from approx 1 - 3 miles.


We always meet the odd friend, depending on the time of day, but generally a reasonably quiet option.


A nice safe space for off-lead exercise.


Perfect for all ages thanks to the variety of routes and well sheltered in colder/wetter weather for those pups who would prefer not to be out in the rain!