Catering to different individual requirements:


Need a puppy socialised more? We will walk among other people and dogs in a calm and safe environment, using positive reinforcement to make any new experience pleasurable and exciting.

Elderly/movement impaired dog? I'll happily totter along at your dog's desired pace and create mentally stimulating activities to ensure old-age is still as rewarding and exciting as any other time of their life.


Nervous dog? I am happy to consult for any behavioural issue that may arise and support both you and your dog with any necessary adjustments, in an environment and at a speed you are both happy with.



Any pet catered for. I have experience of pretty much any animal; from dogs and cats, to small furries and livestock!


I have owned chickens, geese, ducks, ferrets, horses, rats – the list goes on.


I am qualified to administer all manner of medication; I am police DBS checked and fully insured.


A lifelong passion and interest of mine has been animal behaviour, in more recent years focusing specifically on canine behaviour. I am currently completing a degree in this to help further my knowledge, hence this is still only a smaller area of my business at present.

I only ever use positive reinforcement and offer a holistic approach to all manner of behavioural issues; catering to each individual family’s needs and lifestyle, at a pace that suits them all.

All dogs are as unique and individual as their humans, and I ensure that every aspect of their lives is considered when offering behavioural consultations: their diet, their environments, their history, their exercise regimes - absolutely everything is taken into account as it all has the potential to impact on your dog's well-being.


I cast no judgment so please never be afraid to ask for help! I am always happy to advise where I can.

PDWA Registered and PBI Fully insured

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